Marathon 44 of 52 — the one where the finish line’s in sight and I’m ready to finish strong!

There’s something about having 8 marathons left to go that’s giving me a burst of excitement. Maybe it’s that 8’s one of my favorite numbers and that my favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant’s number used to be #8. Or maybe that the weather’s getting cooler[…]

Marathon 43 of 52 — the one when it was no longer unbearably hot and it was a piece of cake.

I’m thankful that the toughest runs are behind me. In January, I thought the toughest runs would be the 6 AM, 50-degree (Fahrenheit) runs, but boy did I not expect the summer, 105-degree runs to be exponentially more excruciating. With clouds descending upon Southern California[…]
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