Marathon 2 of 52 — the one when I came first in my age division (and almost ran over a dog).


So, Riverside is about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, so in order to make the 6:30 AM start time, I had to leave LA by 5:00 AM. Anyway, I’d just exited the freeway in Riverside and I’m driving along a winding road – it’s dark – and suddenly a dog, a big dog appears standing sideway in the middle of the road! I swerve, miss the dog (thankfully) and miss the ditch (thankfully). What a way to start the day! Anyway, this race was wonderful – great organizers, great community. I planned to take this one easy – with a PR last week and 51 marathons left to go this year, I have to – but my legs carried me through to my second fastest marathon to date and I feel great (although deep down inside I know I gotta slow down…) Here are my last 2 meters (below)!


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