Marathon 37 of 52 — the one at the Rose Bowl (and when I almost fainted at the finish line).


I knew before this run (even a couple of days ahead of it e.g. my VO2 Max has been declining) that I wasn’t ready. 36 marathons in, my legs are fatigued and my body needs more time to rest and recover. With all of this in mind, I knew to be careful and take this one easy. I started this run at about 2:00 PM (yeah, I know, the worst time to run) and it was scorching – very few people were out on the Rose Bowl Loop, a 3-mile oval around the Rose Bowl that’s usually packed with runners, walkers, bikers. I timed it so that by 5:00 PM, I’d be 18 miles in my run and I could finish the remaining 8 or so miles with my wife, my sister-in-law, and friends training for a marathon in November. All went according to plan. In fact, it was a great time. Having family and friends with me on runs is something I could get used to! At 26.2 miles, man, did I almost faint. Dehydration almost set in – I could feel it. My wife and co. came to the rescue with this delicious fruit bowl (pictured below) and I immediately regained strength. We enjoyed dinner together at Souplantation and I promised to be more careful moving forward…


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