Marathon 46 of 52 — the one from east to west.


It always amazes me how dynamic the city of Los Angeles is. Running a solo marathon from my home in Alhambra to Santa Monica, I was able to witness a plethora of changing landscapes – physically, from urban to suburban, and racially, from dominantly Asian to Latino and Black to White. There is so much potential for cultural assimilation – learning from one another, sharing our differences, forming community – and I love that there are so many creative mediums whether it be through art, volunteerism, business, and even running that already exist that enable this learning to happen. Anyway, it was great to be able to stop by (and surprise!) my aunt and uncle at mile 22 at their home in Santa Monica, then continue up to Beverly Hills to meet my wife who was getting her hair done (and get a ride home!) What a memorable run – I’d do it again.


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